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Know what happens at your home right now

you can easily check the status of your home with the practical smartphone app - anytime and anywhere. Worldwide free of charge.

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the PLUS in security

you will be alarmed immediately with push notifications as soon as any disturbances occure

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easy installation in only 2 minutes

just install the app, scan the QR code of the sensor and you can comfortably view all data in real time on your smartphone

NEW: Website for your sensor data

MOBILE ALERTS additionally provides a web page for the access of data from the cloud. After typing in your Phone ID you can see the current values of all the sensors in you app dashboard. Sensors are sorted by the name you gave them in your app.
You need your phone ID to use the website, which you can find in the "Settings" menu of your Mobile Alerts app.

In the new action log you can display past actions of the cloud Servers for the last 90 days.
Below actions can be displayed in the log:
  • Queries of the Dashboard
  • Sent push messages
  • The addition or removal of a sensor
  • Setting changes
  • Sending off data exports, once and weekly
  • Copying of an Phone ID
  • Message about unknown sensors during a query of the Dashboard

Know what’s happening at your home right now

MOBILE ALERTS is a sensor-based home-monitoring system, which can be expanded in many different ways. The installation can easily be done within 2 minutes and the usage is worldwide free of charge. Is the fridge set cold enough? Should the plants be watered? Can I leave the washing machine running unattended? All these questions can now be answered by the MOBILE ALERTS Home-Monitoring-System in one practical app for IOS and Android in combination with different radio-controlled sensors for your home. The wireless sensors along with the internet connection via gateway can provide you with all information about your home worldwide via smartphone and MOBILE ALERTS. Push messages will inform you as soon as disturbances are occurring and therefore will help you to act in time to prevent greater damage.

System overview

The easy installation within 2 minutes allows every user to get home-monitoring at all times within just 4 quick steps

Download the MOBILE ALERTS app for free in the AppStore. The app is ready immediately after installation thanks to Plug&Play. A personal registration is not required. Connect the gateway to the power adapter and your router, then insert batteries into the selected wireless sensors. Open the app, scan the QR codes of the wireless sensors and you can retrieve all the data recorded with your smartphone and check the current status of your home - anytime, from anywhere, worldwide, free of charge.

The self-explanatory graphical user interface of the app can be operated intuitively and can be customized to suit your needs. Insert for an own name for each wireless sensor and set up specific alarm limits. The wireless sensors report the fault immediately to your smartphone when the alarm limits are exceeded and thus provide the security-PLUS.





The MOBILE ALERTS Starter Kit consisting of a gateway and a temperature sensor can be extended with many other wireless sensors. In addition to temperature, additional data about humidity, water temperature, water leakage and the moisture balance of plant can be provided. Other useful wireless sensors and combined sets are already being planned.


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